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FREE for everyone


We have a really exciting programme of ticketed events lined up throughout September for the RISEfestival. The programme is suitable for people of all ages and will be FREE to everyone, yes, FREE to absolutely everyone.

Tickets for our events will be released and announced every few days over the coming two weeks, so do keep an eye out for exciting announcements via social media and our newsletters. Bookable Events will include:

RISEfestival bloc Party – late evening special one off music event featuring international DJ’s this will be a highlu sought after event with strictly limited tickets a maximum of two tickets per person.

The Global RISE of Urban Art – an evening of talks with Artists, Curators and other super interesting folks, including Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison, Owner and Founder of RISEgallery.

Film Screenings – we will be hosting a number of urban art related film nights at local venues, including short films and UK premieres.

Workshops – similar to Warhol Croydon Month, we will be hosting a multitude of workshops and satellite events including Stencil art workshops, Calligraphy workshops hosted by Lebanese artists, Graffiti workshops and Stencil Art classes. Also, some of our workshops will be accompanied by a special cocktail or two (although there will be a charge for these unfortunately)!

Walking Tours – with over 60 new murals being painted in Croydon during the festival, our walking tours are about to get that bit more interesting (if that’s even possible!), what’s more, some of the guided tours will be taking place as the artists are working their magic, so you may even get to meet a few of them too! Additionally, if you are unable to attend one of the guided tours, you’ll be able to download a map and go it alone, at a time that suits you!

We look forward to seeing you at the above events, all of which are completely FREE in case we didn’t mention that before…

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Walking Tours will take place from the 05/09/2018 – 22/09/2018, at various times and dates. Please click on the link to book a tour. 

Arabic Calligraphy & Crafts| 04/09/2018  Walking Tours | 05/09/2018 – 22/09/2018

Film Screenings | 05/09/2018, 12/09/2018 & 13/09/2018 

Meet The Artist  | 07/09/2018 & 10/09/2018

Street Art Jam | 08/09/2018 & 09/09/2018

Amaya Does Art Live | 08/09/2018

Graff Children’s Workshop | 08/09/2018

Block Party | 08/09/2018

The Global Rise of Urban Art | 09/09/2018 

Graffiti Grannies | 09/09/2018

Crafty Invaders ( Street Mosaic Workshop) | 11/09/2018, 18/09/2018 & 25/09/2018

Street Art Tour & Craft Beer Tasting | 15/09/2018 

BANKSY Beyond The Walls | 17/09/2018